Development and application of the water depth measurement system using GPS and echo sounder
黒台昌弘 M.kurodai 滑ヤ組土木本部 〒107 東京都港区北青山2-5-8
沖 政和 M.Oki 滑ヤ組土木本部 〒107 東京都港区北青山2-5-8
木下正生 M.Kinoshita 日立造船葛Z術研究所
【抄録】 河川や湖沼,港湾等の比較的水深の浅い海域において運用可能な機動性に富む深浅測量システムの開発が期待されている.本研究では,従来の深浅測量作業や既存の深浅測量システムの現状を調査し,一般に使用される小型船舶に容易に取り付けが可能なシステムを構築した.本システムの機能の特徴としては,GPSによる測量船の位置決め機能や誘導機能に加え,船体の動揺による測深位置の位置ずれを補正する機能と船体の動揺を計測する傾斜計や水深を計測する音響測深機のデータとGPSによる3次元位置データとを時刻同期を図って結合させる機能が挙げられる.このシステムの基本性能を実験により確認し,施工現場で運用した結果,必要な測量精度を満足していることが判った.また,本システムの導入により,作業時間の大幅な削減が可能となった.
<Abstract> For the shallow sea site, development of the measurement system for the water depth that has easy performance is expected. Based on the investigation of the previous developed systems, the compact system for small-sized boat was developed. The measurement system has to provide the performance which is a precise positioning in the map for surveying point and a accurate measuring the water level at the same time. Three main functions of this system are as follows: (1) positioning and navigating system by real-time kinematic GPS, (2) correction of sounding point error by rolling and pitching of the measure boat, (3) measurement time adjustment for 3D-coordinates by GPS, rolling and pitching by slant equipment and the water depth by echo sounder. The basic performance of this measurement system was confirmed in the experimental stage, and as a result of the application of this system in a construction site, the measurement accuracy was about ±10cm for altitude. This value is satisfied to the required accuracy of measuring data, and the working time and costs could be reduced.
【キーワード】 GPS,音響測深機,深浅測量,浅海用,船体動揺補正,データ取得時刻整合
<Keywords> GPS, echo sounder, plumbing, shallow sea site, correction of rolling and pitching, measurement time adjustment