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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award



Sarutagawa Bridge and Tomoegawa Bridge

Sarutagawa Bridge and Tomoegawa Bridge

  • 中日本高速道路(株)東京支社,アジア航測(株),新日本技研(株),(株)大林組・昭和コンクリート工業(株)・(株)ハルテックJV,(株)ピーエス三菱・(株)安部日鋼工業JV,三菱建設(株),(株)熊谷組・(株)本間組JV,(株)フジタ・安藤建設(株)・太平工業(株)JV
  • Tokyo Branch, Central Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.; Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd.; Shin Nihon Giken Engineering Co., Ltd.; Joint Venture of OBAYASHI Corp., Showa Concrete, Inc. and HALTEC Corp.; Joint Venture of P.S. Mitsubishi Construction Co., Ltd. and Abe Nikko Kogyo Co., Ltd.; Mitsubishi Construction Co., Ltd.; Joint Venture of Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. and Honma Corp.; Joint Venture of Fujita Corp., ANDO Corp. and Taihei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Both Sarutagawa Bridge and Tomoegawa Bridge are formed as PC composite truss structures, having total length of 1.2 km. In order to accomplish the design concept of harmonization with the surrounding environment and of giving the impression of lightness in mass, the PC composite truss structure was adopted for the first time in Japan. The maximum span length is 119m which is the longest in the world among the same type of bridges.
Joint portions of steel truss members to concrete slabs are deliberately designed having double tubes and double gusset plates. In the first construction of westbound of the bridges, the cross section consisted of four panels of truss. With the experience of westbound construction, the design of cross section of eastbound was progressed to realize the three panels of truss structure.

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