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"Civil Engineering, JSCE" Vol.45, 2008

"Civil Engineering, JSCE, 2008, Vol.45" is a collection of the articles selected from the monthly magazine "Civil Engineering." Considering interesting topics and timely issues in civil engineering for our international readers, the editors selected the articles among those published in the magazine during the year.

Article 1(Vol.92, No.2)

  • Special Feature: Off-campus practical learning and internships in civil engineering
    Planning and editing manager Masaki YAMADA
    Planning and editing staff Team A: Ikuko USHIYAMA, Yuka KARATANI, Akiko SHIMAMURA, Hiroyuki TSUCHI, and Seiichi FUKUDA
  • Special Feature 1: What are off-campus practical learning and internship programs? Section 1 Improving off-campus work experience programs for learning about technology and its real-world applications
    Kengo SUNADA

    Article 2(Vol.92, No.3)

  • Special Feature 3: Passing down the history of civil engineering to the future 3-1. Hirokawa-cho Tsunami Festival
    Toshiki NISHIOKA

    Article 3(Vol.92, No.10)

  • Special Feature 1: Mottainai in civil engineering
    Junji MASUKAWA
  • Special Feature 2: The future of the world
    Itaru YASUI
  • Special Feature 5 The future of civil engineering in Japan: After mottainai happens, it's too late!
    Hisato OKAMOTO

    Article 4(Vol.92, No.12)

  • Building a safe airport that resists natural disasters: The completion of three major safety projects at Kansai International Airport
    Shinya SUZUKI

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