"Civil Engineering, JSCE" Vol.43, 2006

"Civil Engineering, JSCE, 2006, Vol.43" is a collection of the articles selected from the monthly magazine "Civil Engineering." Considering interesting topics and timely issues in civil engineering for our international readers, the editors selected the articles among those published in the magazine during the year.

December 2005 (Vol.90, No.12)

Special feature
"Human Security and International Contributions by Civil Engineering"

  • Human Security and International Contributions by Civil Engineering
    Maasami FUWA
  • Examples of international contributions by Japanese civil engineering: Efforts related to natural disasters
    Atsushi SUZUKI
  • International cooperation through infrastructure support: Making the world safer for future generations
    Hiroyuki KODERA

    November 2005 (Vol.90, No.11)

    Special feature
    "Creation of safe and secure society"

  • Preparing for catastrophic natural disasters
    Yoshiaki KAWATA
  • Provision of evacuation information and evacuation behavior of residents
    Toshitaka KATADA
  • Present situation and challenges of crises management
    Minoru YASUDA
  • JSCE Student Member's Education and Training Workshops on Disaster Preparedness in Sumatra, Indonesia
    Sachiko TSUKAZAWA, Chiaki YOKOI

    August 2005 (Vol.90, No.8)

    Special feature
    "Where China is headed"

  • Energy and environmental issues
    Naoki MORI
  • Transportation and physical distribution problems
    Hitoshi IEDA , Liqiang MA
  • Japan's technological capability supports the development of giant China
    Akiko KITADA

    July 2005 (Vol.90, No.7)

  • Useful Roles of Civil Engineering Facilities - Erosion control in the Mt. Fuji area by Fuji Sabo Works
    Sadamoto WATANABE

    June 2005 (Vol.90, No.6)

    Special feature
    "Kokudo-gaku (national land infrastructure planning) as code"

  • The advancement of kokudo-gaku (national land infrastructure planning)
    Hisakazu OHISHI
  • National water management goes global
    Taikan OKI
  • National land infrastructure planning and urban form: The twenty-first century as an era of planned retreat from suburban sprawl
    Yoshitsugu HAYASHI
  • National land infrastructure planning and the role of infrastructure in a national emergency: Eliminating weakness and enhancing safety
    Toshiyuki SHIKATA

    April 2005 (Vol.90, No.4)

  • CE Report "Civil Engineering Classroom"
    Teruhiko TANAKA

    March 2005 (Vol.90, No.3)

  • Project Report: World's first PC - steel composite cable - stayed bridge using corrugated steel plate webs for PC girders Yahagigawa Bridge on the Second Tomei Expressway
    Junichiro NIWA

    February 2005 (Vol.90, No.2)

  • Interview "Civil engineering in the era of the Landscape Law"
  • International Hotline - Singapore's Subway System
    Keiji ORIHARAA

    January 2005 (Vol.90, No.1)

    Special feature
    "Are its lessons being adequately applied?: Follow-up on the ten-year anniversary of the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

  • Introduction
    Yozo GOTO
  • Reforms which have ensued in the social structure
    Yutaka HOSOMI
  • What has JSCE done?
    Hirokazu IEMURA, Keizo OHTOMO
  • Are we prepared for future massive earthquakes?
    Hisakazu SAKAI, Akira IGARASHI

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