"Civil Engineering, JSCE" Vol.38, 2000

"Civil Engineering, JSCE, 2000, Vol.38" is a collection of the articles selected from the monthly magazine "Civil Engineering." Considering interesting topics and timely issues in civil engineering for our international readers, the editors selected the articles among those published in the magazine during the year.

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  • Foreword
    Hajime OKAMURA

    Guest Report

  • Research into what infrastructure development should be in Japan
    Noboru NISHIFUJI
  • Appropriate standards for regional disaster prevention in Asia
    Yoshiaki KAWATA

    Project Reports and Technical Developments

  • Civil Engineering in the unearthing and preserving of historic ruins
    Ryoko HOSHINA
  • Realizing the world's first floating airport
    Hideo OKAMURA
  • Boosting seafood production with recycled industrial by-products
    Tatsuo SUZUKI
  • Combined railway and urban development toward the 21st century
    Kaneo HOSHINO
  • A new technology for earthquake disaster prevention
    Yoshihisa SHIMIZU
  • Ecology for Environmental Conservation of Coastal Area and Harbors
    Yasushi KURIHARA


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