"Civil Engineering, JSCE" Vol.37, 1998

"Civil Engineering, JSCE, 1998, Vol.37" is a collection of the articles selected from the monthly magazine "Civil Engineering." Considering interesting topics and timely issues in civil engineering for our international readers, the editors selected the articles among those published in the magazine during the year.

  • Cover page
  • Foreword
    Hiroshi OKADA

    Guest Report

  • Challenges and Prospects for the Japanese PFI
    Nobuhiro MORI

    Project Reports and Technical Developments

  • Flood Control Using Urban Underground Space
    Fumio YAMAZAKI
  • Japan's Longest Seismically Isolated PC Multi-Span Continuous Bridge
    Hiroshi MUTSUYOSHI
  • Second Tokyo Bay shore Road Plan
    Shousuke NAKAJIMA, Kazunori KANNO
  • A Millimeter-Level Challenge to Construction Accuracy
    Takao NAKURA, Manabu HOTTA
  • Colored Pavement
    Takemi INOUE


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