[Preliminary Draft]


irole of designj


It is beyond doubt that the principle of separation of design and build in the improvement of our infrastructure has been rigidly observed from the viewpoint of gtransparencyh and further that the design services have played a major role in the above-mentioned improvement. However, the contribution which the design has been making towards achieving the improvement of infrastructure under the above-noted principle is not necessarily clear, particularly as this sub-committee contends the role played by the designer of civil engineering works is often unappreciated by virtue of the nature of the works. In this regard, attention is drawn to the fact that the traditional separation of design and build is no longer considered to be routine due to the emergence of new types of procurement/contract methods such as gdesign-build and turnkey basis contracth and further that there is a growing tendency for the input of the designer of civil engineering works to receive lower public recognition, when cross compared with that of construction works.

Achievement of the highest quality and efficiency within the restrictions of a reduced budget, which is a feature of government contracts, is rather difficult task. This being the case, we contend that there is scope for the designer of civil engineering works to play an even greater role in the improvement of infrastructure by striving towards the most innovative design solutions.

In an effort to maximize the benefit to tax payers, who are the real clients, this sub- committee is to be established in order for us to discuss:

i)  The raison dfetre of a design for civil engineering works

ii)  What a design for civil engineering works should be

iii) What its system should be.

To achieve the above, designers from government bodies, consulting companies, contractors, fabricators, pc specialists  etc have been invited to discuss the following thus drawing upon a huge wealth of domestic and international civil engineering and architectural expertise.

@     What is a design for civil engineering works?

A     Why is a design for civil engineering works important?

B     What type of capability is required of a designer for civil engineering works?

C     What sort of the role allocation is the most preferable?

The final goals of this sub-committee are that;

i)  Design in the field of civil engineering works shall be recognized as valuable from a social point of view

ii) Design engineers and candidates understand the importance of their role by virtue of their power to shape a brighter future.