The Tohoku Branch Joint Committee on Scientific Research of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster (TBJC) was established 2 weeks after the disaster on March 11, 2011. The committee was composed of the Tohoku Branches of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers, the Japanese Geotechnical Society, the Japan Landslide Society, the Architectural Institute of Japan, the City Planning Institute of Japan, and the Japan Concrete Institute; the Tohoku Regional Development Association also joined the committee. TBJC has 4 missions: (1) to support the research of the headquarters and the other branches, (2) to utilize the association with important regional infrastructural organizations: the Tohoku development Bureau of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the East Japan Railway Company, the East Nippon Expressway Company Ltd., and the Tohoku Electric Power Company Ltd., (3) to conduct scientific research about the disaster, and (4) to support the research of overseas organizations.

Based on mission (3), TBJC was organized into 8 specialty sections: (i) Earthquake and Structural Engineering, (ii) River and Coastal Engineering, (iii) Geotechnical Engineering, (iv) Civil and Urban Planning, (v) Concrete Engineering, (vi) Disaster Managements, (vii) Environmental Engineering, and (viii) Architectural Engineering .

In September 2013, TBJC published a 1,200-page scientific report in Japanese on DVD#. The report contains detailed data on the disaster, the hazards, and the committee’s analyses. Please contact the Tohoku Branch of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers for the full report. The mail address is .


Akira Mano
Chairman of TBJC
IRIDeS, Tohoku University


# Only available in Japanese (text).